1. TO ADD A SONG VER: Search for the name of your song. If it doesn't exist yet, create a page!! The format is under Adding Song Pages. If you don't have time, you can forgo the lyrics.

Format for opinions and voting:

1. You are very welcome to contribute! The more the merrier!!! But do not alter/delete Mouse's opinion or choice. I totally made this wiki for my owh reference to see (oh, this is one I liked) as much as yours ;) (yeah, totally selfish, right? xD) I have a profile for the genre of music that I like, so whether your taste is different from mine, you can still use my opinion to judge whether you like it or not (oh, she hates this type of music that I love, maybe I'll like it.) Also, there is the Popular choice underneath, and your own choice on the side, so don't be too down about it. ;P I'm open to making a collapsable table underneath everything where you can search for your username to see if you liked it or not.


There will be a collapsable table at the bottom of the song (ONCE I FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE ONE!). Add a cell for yourself and whatever notes you need for yourself next time you listen to the song. Or to others. xD.

IN THE MEANTIME: No collapsable table, so make a line at the bottom, write your name. & which vers are your fav.

3. Voting: Next to whatever song versions you like the best (your choice, rather than mine, heh) add a number in a parenthesis, like so.

song name version youtube nicovideo download (1)

add one to the number if you liked it. You may only vote once on a song bersion. ;) Most popular song versions will be listed in the main song page next to the song. Do not list it yourself.

4. Adding different versions: Add them to the song page. If it is a Vocaloid/Utaloid version, put it under VOCALOID. If it is sung by a human or humans, or is a nico chorus, put it under All Versions. Put (___ dub) if it's a dub. If there is no song page, make one. Mention the Japanese/other language name of the dubber next to the english.


Thank you very much!

Note to self: Figure out how to make a collapsable table, and collapse the lyrics

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