Pretty much collecting all the good utaite-sung/fan-sung songs, sort of.

1) There are a lot of formatting things I need to fix. Disregard the stuff except for the Categories just under on the main page, the rest needs editing & formatting and stuff.

2) Adding a Song:

Add it like this:

Title: Name of Song


(link to the song)

by (Producer Name), sung by (Original Singer)

Notable Versions

(put links to versions down here.)

Put it in categories (via either typing or the little "add a category" button):

and then the sub category it belongs to. For example, Vocaloid songs are, Anime OPs/EDs are, Touhou Songs are , etc.

If you want to add a song version, best to search to see if page is made, if not, make it! =D

Thank you v. much!

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