Poison Apple And Cinderella 毒林檎とシンデレラ

thumb|500px|left|Megurine Luka - Poison Apple and Cinderella/Doku Ringo to Cinderella [English Sub]

Producer: off vocal

This is a test
Column 1 Column 2

"Bla bla bla"

What has been handed to me is a poisoned apple,
bright-red, ripe, and with a sweet-looking face.
I want to try to take a peek at the adults' world.
Taking one bite will instantly make me addicted.

I will deteriorate into a bad girl,
indulging in ecstatic pleasure.
We have no place for anyone serious and upright.
Just let me do whatever I please.

On the neon-lit streets,
the passers-by are
all armed with stylish clothes.
The more rubbishy
this farce is,
the more I'll be able to enjoy it.

The bell signaling midnight will no longer toll.
Cinderella is forever trapped in the magic spell.

My self-dignity
is blazing so brightly,
to the point of being
enchanting, enticing, and charming.

My desire knows not how to stop.
I hand out cheap love to anyone I can reach.

I stare. I'm being stared at.
I love. I'm being loved.
What's ahead waiting for me?
Such a stupid question.

Before the dream-like tale,
with glass slippers
and a pumpkin carriage,
could even begin,
the end credit is already rolling.
That story, from the very beginning,
has merely been following the summary.

I yearned to wake up
at a kiss from my prince charming.
Cinderella can no longer go back
to the dream land.

The bell signaling midnight will no longer toll.
Cinderella is forever trapped in the magic spell.</div>


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