Welcome to the The Vocaloid Wiki For Songs.Edit

This is a wiki that collects all notable versions of songs.

(We have lists of songs, and utaites, but its quite difficult to find /versions/. This wiki is to serve that purpose. )

(Find Song, list all Vers.)

If you want to help out, take a look @ this page: Help

old Contributing page


All Songs

Vocaloid Songs

Anime Songs


Songs old page

Nico Nico Singers (singer list)

Notable Nico Nico Singers (Notes for me, notable nico nico singers.)

Song Producers

Non Vocaloid Material


Cool Contempory Classical


Good Sources

ANU (Another Nico Uploader) uploads choruses of amazing quality

AmonDerevex uploads pretty much everything!


For the real vocaloid wiki: vocaloid wiki.

For the utaites wiki: Nico Nico Singers Wiki

Latest activityEdit

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